Thursday, October 20, 2011

Code Contracts and more ...

There is so much fun to be had and so little time. A list of some of the areas I have been working on (some professionally, some for my own fun):
  • Code Contracts: A Microsoft Research project that brings pre- and post-conditions and invariants to .NET. Although I understand the limitations, I have been very impressed with the capabilities it brings to the table. For example: after adding code contracts to existing code, the suggestion was to add a restriction on the size (at least 20) for an input parameter of type string. Rather odd requirement, which turned out to be the consequence of some substring calls inside the method in question. Obviously it was time to weaken the pre-condition. I can deeply appreciate a tool capable of pointing these issues out.
  • PEX: Yet another Microsoft Research project that brings automated whitebox testing with high code coverage to .NET. In combination with code contracts, it rocks. You will never have any excuse for an 'object is null' error again.
  • Kinect for Windows 7: Yet another other Microsoft Research project bringing the Kinect to Windows. What else can I say, NUI is finally available for the masses and the way we interact with machines has changed for the better.
  • Windows 8 METRO applications: After my visit to the BUILD conference, I have been trying to keep the momentum going and get more familiar with the new Windows 8 METRO applications.
Ofcourse I still have actual projects going on and fun questions to answer like for example 'What does code quality mean to us?' Luckily Fall has finally kicked in and I have two additional hours a week available that are normally spent on mowing the lawn. That will make a big difference :).

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