Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living the mainframe

The joy of connecting Entity Framework to DB2 on z/OS. The IBM plug-ins are marginal at best (can't filter on schema within a database and actually generates the schema name within the code :( ), the IBM website is insanely difficult to navigate and the logic behind the naming and packaging of their products is a well kept secret ... but it least it works in the end :) .

On a seperate note, looks like I'll be going to Microsoft PDC this year. I have found DevConnections and PDC a great way of staying current and updating our internal roadmap for the .NET platform. As a working developer, you don't have much time to play with new technology, so PDC provides me a great overview of what I can start using right now (and will actually hold up in production environment) and what I need to plan for going forward.

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