Monday, July 20, 2009

Enter this century

Okay, I have avoided blogging for a long time. I don't have a drive for publishing and I usually talk to the people I like to talk to. No need for writing stuff down.

However, I have noticed that many blogs out there are very helpful in resolving the type of 'stuff you just happen to have to know' issues in my field. Yep, the nerd field that is. I have a healthy dislike of anything technology related, I don't even have a quartz watch (kind of because I used to play guitar a lot, the watch band bothered me and I didn't want to deal with storing the thing, but whatever the motivation is, I don't). I can't keep track of where my cell phone is and never seem to remember to charge the thing. So actually I am too geeky to be a nerd. To get past this point, if these blogs help one person out there avoiding complete meltdown, it's time well spent on my part :).

So where's the content you might wonder? Well, the true test for all of this is whether I actually create the time to create the content.

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